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During my LPWD degree I worked as apprentice in Malingo. This is a society which propose esoteric services.

My role was very important because it was a small society where I was the only one in charge of Web-developpement (front and back-end), SEO, community mangament ...

The actual website is not my creation and a lot of things have change since. Out of respect for this society I didn't share all of my work.


Web developement

When I started to work for this company, I found an old website, non-responsive with PHP4. Despite of database and other problems, it wasn't judicious to work on this base so we decided to change it all.

I learnt a lot from the complexity of this website, especially in PHP. No framework, with lots of different code from different people with different way of coding. Understanding the code and then apply strict ways of coding was a challenge for me while I was just fresh out of school.

Moreover, it was a complex website to build because it had to integrate payments, credits on the account and a call management.

Web re-marketing

The most interesting part of my job was certainly the re-marketing web, a field who taught me a lot. The goal was to integrate on this old plateform a way to find added value on user behaviours. (facebook pixel, google e-commerce,...)


SEO / Google Analytics

The analysis of users’ behaviour was really interesting because it was enhanced by the re-marketing I've made, but it was also possible to cross Google analytics stats with other information that we got.

Furthermore, the SEO for the esoteric domain on web is really very competitive, so I learnt a lot from my teamwork Simon who taught me. This is why my first steps in this society were to create satellite websites built with the Laurent Bourely's "cocon semantique" for increase traffic.



First of all, if some people consider the UI and UX as two different domains, that’s not the case for me. On the contrary, I think that they are intimately linked.

When I started, I was a bit shocked by the "old-fashion" design of esoteric websites design, but as I learnt during my internship in Malta, every domain has its own design and we need to respect that.

However, I noticed by posting on Facebook that the community actually really loved this kind of design.

At the end, it was the new intern I led who was in charge of this. I just helped her to integrate front-end when she needed.

Community Management

As UI and UX the intern finally took care of the community management, but we used to share the information from the Facebook Business manager and analytics together.

Partnership / Affiliation

An important part of esoteric on web is the affiliation. I discovered web affiliation during my internship in Malta so I wasn't a novice.

The difference is that during my internship, I was on the side of the affiliate, and this time I discovered here the other side.