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VSC Airsoft is a personal project based on one of my hobby "Airsoft and Military simulation"

I share it with people from my airsoft team.

We're not trying to benefit from this project but only to have fun, to try different ways of working, communication ...


Social Network

Since we exist, we saw the airsoft world change. Especially when the airsoft community left the forums and specialized sites for social medias.

Instagram and Facebook are really important. They gave us a visibilty for other airsofters who follow us but also for people who organise games.

But our world is in constant evolution and everything is always changing so fast, like new facebook algorithms which instantaneously ban posts with pictures who look like a weapon (a problem for people who want to resell their stuff, while the facebook forum was a “second-hand market place”).



If we also have a website, it’s because we want to get back the knowledge that the airsoft community was at start !

Indeed, the forum was a place where first airsofters shared a lot about what they knew and decided to come on a website to find out real information, and not just for a stylish picture. Social medias destroyed this.

Obviously, you can tell me that it’s a useless fight against a fantasy, and wonder why trying to get back to a community who’s leaving... Actually, these people are just following the group for one reason : "they need the second-hand market place".

Social medias are the quantitative part and specialized websites the qualitative one.



Finally we tried to integrate partnerships with people we met on exhibitions, airsoft fields, real life... and who make interesting stuff and material. Hexatac and Patch PVC for example.



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